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Roof Inspection

Roofing contractor inspecting a roof

Terry has always looked for ways to better take care of the community through the commercial and residential field of roofing. One of the things that he found is that many people due to lack of time or circumstances waited until there was a leak or some type of obvious problem with the roof before contacting him. Although he was grateful for the business, he wanted to better find a better way to take care of his community, so he came up with offering roof inspections. Having an annual  "check up" can significant save you from disastrous roof repairs or replacements.

roof getting replaced
Paint protection
"Find The Problem Before The Problem Finds You"
Roof Damaged

 A complete roof inspection would include:

  • Inspection of any rooftop equipment for any leaks around seams or creases.

  • A exterior inspection of any faulty or failing areas in connection to your roofing structure.

  • An interior inspection that will provide you with potential problem areas that could be harmful to your building structure.

  • A detailed report of your complete roofing structure as well as any recommended services to help protect your roofing structure.

For more details on how you can schedule a free consultation, contact us!

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