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Metal Roof Replacement

Roof being replaced
It's A Dirty Job, But Somebody Has To Do It

Is your roof in need of a complete or partial replacement? When replacing a metal roof, many options may be available to you, but which ones are the best for you and your family or organization. 

When replacing a metal roof a couple of items can come into play such as what type of fasteners will be used? Can I put a metal roof over my existing roof? And many others. 

Terry Cornell
Damaged Roof

During your consultation, Terry will explain what is used to create a long-lasting repair or replacement that will leave you with assurance of your choice. During the inspection process, Terry will take a systematic look for any weak areas that may need extra attention as well as the strength and the durability of the structure below. With over 20 years of experience will take the time that you desire to insure the integrity of your choice in replacing your roofing structure. 

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