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We Build for People

Roofing contractor

The Cornell Way 

The Cornell Experience is all about knowledge, dedication, and their love for people. Forty-eight years ago the family business started with serving the community in the area of residential roofing. The Cornell Roofing team has been dedicated to their community in offering their expertise in roof replacement and repair to the people around them. As good reputation's do, the Cornell Roofing family moved into a fast growing market in the area of residential and commercial. After some time the Commercial industry really started to take off for the Cornell Roofing family and as they had the reputation among the community, their reputation grew quickly in the area of Commercial Roofing.


After 20 years of experience in the Commercial Roofing industry, Terry Cornell and the Cornell Commercial Roofing team have grown to reach as far as Reading, Williamsport, Wilkes Barre, Harrisburg, and the surrounding areas. Although their home base is out of Bloomsburg, PA they continue to reach into the surrounding areas meeting the demand of Commercial Roofing and Repair. 


With our strong family values our desire is not just to work on your structure, but to get to know you and your company. Your passion becomes our passion in the desire to protect it. Just as we want to protect our families, we also want to protect the foundation in which we live and/or operate. Your roof is one of the most important areas that we can protect you and your company.


With over 20 years of experience, Terry's desire is for people to not just repair or replace a roof, but he will show you what and why would be your best options for materials and the systematic way to perform the repair or replacement. 


The Cornell Commercial Roofing company has always had the desire to live up to the value they offer to individuals and companies they have served. We believe that value is the one thing that separates businesses and it is through our values that we stand by our work and the people we work for. 

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

Terry has credited his success in the roofing business to God's provision and direction. Although we have all seen rough times in our businesses, as a family we have trusted God through every aspect of our life and our future. 

Terry's desire is to show a testament of who God is to him and to pass on the values he has learned through his experiences. It is through the positive values he has learned over the years that he has served customer's within their communities. 

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