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Metal Roof Coatings

roofer builder worker with pulverizer spraying paint on metal sheet roof.jpg

Metal Roofing is one of the most popular structures used in commercial and residential roofing today. Due to it's durable material and energy saving quality, it is widely used today. 

Although metal roofing is a low maintenance structure, it is still imperative to treat metal roofs as over time the protective surface can wear off causing UV rays and other weather like damage to be caused to a metal structure.

Spray Polyurethane coating
Metal roof coating

One of the best treatments we offer on this is our Metal Roof Coating Treatment. It stops leaks, inhibits rust, and provides an energy efficient, long-lasting, attractive finish coat which will extend the life of your roof for years to come. During the restoration process, each problem is systematically addressed, repaired, and resealed, then the entire roof is coated with a reflective finish coat that will last a lifetime.

"If you run from a leaking roof, you'll end up with a flood." -Mahmoud Abbas
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